If you need some extra help with exam revision, preparing for holidays or business trips abroad, I can help you feel confident and ready to speak a new language in no time!

I provide French and German tuition to A Level, and Spanish tuition up to GCSE level.

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Exam tuition:

I have many years’ experience working with students who are taking GCSE and A Level exams. In recent years, I have helped students improve their GCSE results by at least 2 grades from their mocks to the real exams, and have tutored an A Level student who was unable to take the exam in her own school. She gained a very high A grade and was very pleased with her results, as this testimonial shows: “Kate tutored my daughter for two years, covering the entire A-level French course, which my daughter was studying independently as her school sixth form had ceased to offer languages. Kate is a highly organised and rigorous tutor, who is also very personable. I know my daughter thoroughly enjoyed her lessons and was extremely keen to learn and progress. She achieved a high A-grade, with which she is absolutely delighted, and which has helped secure her place at university. I would wholeheartedly recommend Kate to any parent looking for a reliable and thorough tutor.”

I can give you extra, personalised help with MFL GCSEs and A Levels. Together, we can focus on one particular area, such as pronunciation for your speaking exam or writing more accurately. If you would like general revision help for all of your exams, we can work on how to memorise vocabulary, learn grammar and understand how to get full marks in each exam paper.


It’s never too early to start learning another language! I tutor children of all ages, with a focus on speaking and listening skills. I play lots of games, sing songs and generally make language learning fun! Children seem to enjoy my lessons, as this review on my Facebook page shows: “Kate has been teaching my two primary aged boys French for the past 2 years and she has been brilliant. The boys look forward to their “lessons”, often arguing over whose turn it is to go first! Kate makes the sessions fun, relevant and really relaxed. It has been a great start for them before they move up to big school, and I would highly recommend Kate to anyone thinking of giving their kids a language boost.”

I can provide one-to-one learning for your child, or why not join up with some friends and make a small class so you can practise and learn together?

Adult learners:

Whether you need to learn a language for business purposes, or simply want to learn a few phrases for your next holiday, we can arrange a course that suits you! It’s never too late to learn a new language, and can be a great way of keeping your brain active.

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