Lindsay Walker (via Facebook)

Kate provided tutoring for our 12 year old daughter, who was born in Spain, for her GCSE Spanish. Isabel went on to achieve an A* (Grade 8) with the help from Kate. Kate was very patient and clear in her tuition when guiding our young daughter through an exam procedure set for 16 year old students. Thank you so much Kate, I would highly recommend you for anyone looking for a Spanish tutor.

Feedback on Valentine’s resources (via email)

I used the the Valentine’s French resource with my KS4 classes today. They’re great – well-presented (they look very smart!), the layout and instructions are clear, the children loved the content (the reading on views of being single and the inclusion of the two mothers in the translation text were big hits!).

Your resources are thoroughly enjoyed by my KS4 classes. The tasks are set out perfectly. My low ability French yr10 loved the Valentine’s day exercises, especially as we had some romantic French music on in the background!

Blanca1 (via TES Resources) – AQA Spanish Writing Workbook and model answers

This is structured in a progressive manner. The photos are large and in colour, enabling students so see them clearly and it makes them appealing. I really liked the tone in the writing, it sounds very natural and it is varied. It contains colloquial terms such as “asqueroso” and a lot of different tenses (“estaba decepcionado”, “suelo ir”, “encontrarías”. Because of this, the answers can also be used a models to adapt, translate, etc. Thanks for this resource. It is the second time I acquire a source from this vendor and I am very impressed again at its quality.

MllePierre (via TES Resources) – AQA French GCSE Speaking workbook – role-plays

Wow! Such an amazing booklet! Thank you so much for this, exactly what I was looking for, my students are going to find it extremely helpful to practise. I would have easily paid double the money for this!


Kate’s lessons are engaging, well-planned and informative. Her friendly and relaxed approach means that you feel happy to take risks and give it a go. I’d certainly recommend Kate as a teacher.

teachlearnlovelanguages (via TES Resources) – French GCSE Reading Workbook

Fantastic resource! There are so many time saving worksheets – really appreciate the effort that has gone into this!


Loving Kate’s French conversation classes! She brings just the right amount of subject matter to the table to encourage us to babble away – only correcting us or giving us a word in French if we ask for it. So good for confidence building! Just like children, we are learning to make ourselves understood with what we know and I’m building my vocabulary and understanding every week.


I received personal German lessons from Kate and throughly enjoyed them. Each lesson was really well planed and tailored to exactly what I needed and wanted to learn. I was not only able to expand my knowledge and vocabulary but to gain confidence in speaking. As an adult learner I was quite hesitant to start with and worried about making mistakes. Kate instantly put me at ease and I was able to progress at a pace I was happy with. I would absolutely recommended her to anyone of any age interested in learning a language.

Miriam81 (via TES Resources)

Excellent resources. Wonderful revision tool with translation / photo / writing tasks laid out clearly and grouped into each of the themes in AQA Spanish. Am using it currently with my year 11 class and it is great for showing exemplar work / examples and for testing / practicing with students.


If you’re looking for somebody who is utterly dedicated and passionate about language, you won’t beat Kate! She is tireless in her endeavours to help others and always gives 110%. Kate has many years of teaching experience with fantastic results, and is just the right balance of approachable and professional. Hire her!!