Teacher Positivity Planner – PDFs

Teacher Positivity Planner Cover

My Teacher Positivity Planner is now available as downloadable PDF files on this website and Etsy!

The Teacher Positivity Planner is a brand new way of organising your working day and focusing on your wellbeing at the same time.

The weekly overview includes sections to record gratitude, priorities, weekly self-care and brilliant things that have happened that week. The day pages have a priorities section, morning and evening boxes and a daily reflection box.

Available for download are:
*Cover page
*Personal information page
*Weekly overview
*Day pages – either 6-period days, 8-period days or times from 8am-6pm
*Register pages
*Notes pages
*Timetable pages

This version of the planner is ideal for part-time teachers or those with 8-period days. It is also great for non-teachers, as it contains pages with times from 8am-6pm so you can plan out your day hour by hour!

All prices include a 50p donation to the Education Support Partnership.