September – a time for resolutions?

I’ve always found the start of the new academic year to be a great time for making resolutions… much more so than January, which in the world of education is in the middle of the year and dark and cold and somehow already feels too late to be making resolutions. However, in September, I’m full of energy after a lovely summer holiday, excited about teaching new classes and meeting new students and colleagues, and generally much more motivated to get the shiny, fresh, brand new academic year off to a great start!

So, with all this abundant energy, I’ve made 3 ‘September Resolutions’ to focus on this academic year…

  1. Help others. I love creating resources and content for teachers, and my resolution this coming academic year is to share even more top-quality resources which will serve both teachers and their students as they prepare for the demands of the new MFL GCSEs. I started making and selling resources to help teachers save precious time, and I’ve had so many positive reviews saying that this is exactly what they have done! My favourite was this, from ‘boatie’: ‘Nice one, Katelanguages. This bundle meant I had weekend with my family – priceless.’ Although the majority of the resources on this website are paid, I have lots of free ones on TES as well and I will continue to add more freebies here as and when I can.
  2. Be healthy. I left full-time teaching due to health problems and since becoming a tutor, I have made it my priority to be healthy. I schedule yoga classes, gym sessions and chilling out time into my calendar, and refuse to be overworked any more. I am so fortunate to be able to do this and I am thankful every day that I am growing a career and business that allows me to prioritise my health. I think this resolution fits in with the first one, actually, as through my resources, I hope I am helping others to win back some time and be able to prioritise their own health, too.
  3. Learn something new. I am always reading, studying and learning new things, so this should be an easy one to fit into my life, right? At the moment, I’m not sure exactly what I’m going to learn, although I love my garden and being sustainable… Perhaps I could learn how to grow my own vegetables? Any ideas are very welcome!

So, as you gear up for the new academic year, what are your September resolutions, for teaching and/or for learning? Let me know on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram! The person with the best/funniest resolutions will win a free resource of their choice!

If your resolution is to gain back some precious time, don’t forget to check out my GCSE and Key Stage 3 French, German and Spanish resources!