Retrieval Practice Placemat

After reading the excellent ‘Retrieval Practice’ by Kate Jones (great name, btw!), I’ve created this placemat which could act as a generic prompt for learners of foreign languages to use in any given lesson. It should be suitable for any year group at any time of year. I think there are 3 possible ways of using the mat:

  1. Print it off, laminate it and put it on desks for pupils to look at in pairs.
  2. Print off a copy for each pupil, stick it in the front of their books and choose one bubble per week/lesson to respond to.
  3. Display the slide on the board and do as a whole class activity.

Here is the PowerPoint: Retrieval practice placemat

And a PDF in a nice font: Retrieval practice placemat

As always, let me know what you think on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and tell me how you’d use this in class!