Teacher Positivity Planner – downloadable PDFs


The Teacher Positivity Planner is a brand new way of organising your working day and focusing on your wellbeing at the same time.

Download PDFs of the Teacher Positivity Planner here now – available in 6-period and 8-period day options, as well as with times rather than boxes for lesson plans. Ideal for part-time teachers, those with more lessons in the day, and those who would like to try out the Planner for a while before buying the spiral bound version!


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Available for download here are:

  • Cover page
  • Personal information page
  • Weekly overview
  • Day pages – either 6-period days, 8-period days or times
  • Register pages
  • Notes pages
  • Timetable pages

The weekly overview has sections to record your top 3 priorities for the week, 3 things you’ll do for your own wellbeing, 3 things you’re grateful for and 3 brilliant things that have happened that week, as well as sections to record key events for each day in the upcoming week.

On each day page, there are also sections to fill in your top 3 priorities for that day, what you will do in the morning for yourself before you start work, what you will do in the evening to relax and take care of yourself, and a reflection box. This can be used to record something you are grateful for that day, something you need to focus on tomorrow or simply something that you want to remember from that day.

The price of the planner includes a 50p donation to the Education Support Partnership, the UK’s only charity providing mental health and wellbeing support services to all education staff and organisations.