Stretch and Challenge – Effective Extension Tasks – Online CPD


Do you worry that some students in your classes will finish all of the work really quickly and then have nothing to do while they wait for the others to catch up?

Do you find yourself always telling the quick finishers and most able students to just translate the text or do more of the same? Do you lack imagination when it comes to creating simple, low-prep yet effective extension tasks? It sounds like this CPD is perfect for you!

As gifted and talented coordinator in my last school, I read so many books, attended conferences and generally spent a lot of time looking at how to stretch and challenge the most able pupils, and now I want to share my knowledge and ideas with you in a 2-hour online CPD workshop.

Saturday 16th March 2024 – 9:30am-11:30am

During the workshop, I will give you a number of ideas of the kinds of effective extension tasks you can use immediately with your students – in all 4 skills, at all levels, and in 3 different languages. The majority of the extension tasks are low-prep, high impact ones that can be used in most topics and with most classes.

Having a bank of extension tasks like this will not only save you so much time when you are planning lessons, but will also give you the confidence to pick one or two from a hat in those lessons when the quickest finishers have completed everything you’ve set, and done the extension tasks you’d already prepared!

I will also walk you through examples of extension tasks I have used effectively in my own teaching, at different levels and in different languages, and show you how to integrate stretch and challenge into your own schemes of work and everyday planning.



For a taster of what I will be talking about, have a listen to Season 1 Episode 5 of my podcast – Designing a Curriculum – in which I discuss some ideas for ensuring that the most able students always feel challenged (in a good way!).

The workshop will be held on Zoom and a link will be sent a few days before the session, along with a pre-workshop questionnaire, to help me get to know you a bit better and to ensure that all of your questions are answered in the workshop. Even if you can’t make it to the workshop on the day, you can still sign up, as it will be recorded and all resources and recordings will be uploaded to a Google folder for you to access in your own time.

This CPD is also available in a bundle with all of the other Kate Languages CPD workshops that will be running in 2023-24.

NB If you are a ‘Buy Everything‘ customer, access to this CPD is included for no extra cost! PLUS there are already some exclusive CPD resources available to download on “Stretching and Challenging the Most Able” on the Buy Everything downloads page.

If you would like to book me to run this CPD in person in your school/trust, get in touch now by emailing