Mastering the Basics – French Animals


This 14-page workbook (including answers) is designed to help you teach and/or learn French animals.

It includes:

  • Vocabulary list (with a sound file to help with pronunciation)
  • Reading, listening, translations and a crossword to practise the vocabulary

Practise the vocabulary on Quizlet and Memrise!

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The booklet has been created with absolute beginners in mind, and is particularly aimed at those who may have a lower level of English literacy. The tasks are simple, clear and require little language knowledge above and beyond the key vocabulary (animals). The pictures are attractive photos, rather than babyish clipart or cartoons, as I have found this to be more appealing to secondary school pupils, whatever their age and ability levels.

It could be used to help newcomers catch up, for extra scaffolding with SEND pupils or cover work when the cover teacher has no knowledge of the language and needs something quick and easy (with answers provided)!