School – Workbook – Spanish


This 58-page booklet (including answers) contains GCSE-style reading, writing, speaking and translation questions suitable for Key Stage 3 or foundation GCSE students.

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A free sample of this workbook is available here.

The workbook contains activities on the topics of My studies and Life at school/college, from the AQA theme Current and future study and employment.

There are 6 subtopics: school subjects, school rules, uniform, teachers, my school day and my future studies.

For each subtopic, there are 6 activities: a reading task, translation into English (paragraph), translation into Spanish (sentences), a 40-word writing task, a photo writing task and a role-play.

There are also 6 extension tasks at the end of the booklet, which cover all of the subtopics: a longer reading task, translation into English, translation into Spanish (paragraph), a 90-word writing task, a 150-word writing task and a photocard speaking task.

The accompanying vocabulary and grammar booklet can be found here and the vocabulary can all be found on memrise.