Work and future plans – Workbook – French


This 61-page booklet (including answers) contains GCSE-style reading, writing, speaking and translation questions suitable for Key Stage 3 or foundation GCSE students on the topic of work and future plans.

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A free sample of this workbook is available here.

The workbook contains activities on the topic of ‘Jobs, career choices and ambitions’, from the AQA theme ‘Current and future study and employment’.

There are 6 subtopics: Jobs, part-time jobs, applying for a job, my future plans, my dream job, and chores around the house.

For each subtopic, there are 6 activities: a reading task, translation into English (paragraph), translation into French (sentences), a 40-word writing task, a photo writing task and a role-play.

There are also 6 extension tasks at the end of the booklet, which cover all of the subtopics: a longer reading task, translation into English, translation into French (paragraph), a 90-word writing task, a 150-word writing task and a photocard speaking task.

The accompanying vocabulary and grammar booklet can be found here and the vocabulary can all be found on memrise.