Where I live – Workbook – French


This 59-page workbook (including answers) contains GCSE-style reading, writing, speaking and translation questions for Key Stage 3 students.

The booklet contains activities on the topic of ‘home, town, neighbourhood and region’, from the AQA theme Local, national, international and global areas of interest.


There are 6 subtopics: Type of house, rooms in the house, bedroom furniture, places in the town, clothes and shopping, and my ideal town.

For each of these subtopics, there are 6 activities: a reading task, translation (short paragraph) from French into English, sentences to translate from English into French, a writing task (short passage similar to the foundation writing exam), a photo (like in the foundation writing exam) and a role-play.

There are also 6 extension activities which bring together all of the subtopics: a longer reading task, a paragraph translation from English into French, a 90-word writing task, a 150-word writing task and a photo card (like in the speaking exam).

This booklet can be used in KS3 or for revision in KS4 (foundation). It can either be used to supplement work in lessons as you teach the topics of technology and free-time, or for assessments. It could also be set as cover work, as the answers are included.

A free sample of the booklet is available here.

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