German KS4/KS5 Grammar Full Lesson – Perfect Tense Revision


This lesson is ideal for revision of the German perfect tense in KS4 or KS5. I have not given time frames for the tasks as it depends on the class, ability level and time allocated for lessons. The games at the end (Battleships and Connect 4) are great plenary activities, or you could add a separate plenary such as a quiz. The games are also perfect retrieval activities at any point after you’ve taught the perfect tense irregular verbs, as they are quick and low-prep. They can be adapted to any vocabulary or grammar point in any language (see my CPD on Games in MFL for other ideas of how to use these and similar games!)

This lesson could precede a writing or speaking task in which students need to use the perfect tense. It could also be used after an assessment/mocks in which students have made errors with the perfect tense and need some revision.

The download includes:

  • PowerPoint of the whole lesson – includes grammar explanations and pattern finding, translation task and games to practise irregular past participles in sentences.
  • Lesson plan explaining the PPT and different tasks and games

The PowerPoint is deliberately plain, with white backgrounds, simple coloured headings and Calibri font throughout. It should therefore be compatible with all computers and easily adaptable for different settings and teacher preference for fonts, colours, etc.