German GCSE Writing workbook – AQA


A 52-page workbook with sample writing questions for the new specification German GCSE (AQA), with model answers for every question.

This workbook is available in a bundle here.

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There are 6 sections, for the 6 different question types in the new exam, and each section has a sample question for each sub-topic (with vocab taken from the AQA specification vocab list). There are translations (sentences and paragraphs) from English into German for each sub-topic as well.

Once the students have prepared answers to the longer tasks, they could also be used to help with preparation for the speaking exam.

A free sample of this workbook is available here.

This workbook is an updated version of the workbook that was previously available on this website and on the TES website. It has been professionally proofread and re-formatted to ensure it is as close as possible to the new GCSE specification.

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