German GCSE Listening – Identity and Culture


This resource contains 18 listening tasks for the theme of ‘Identity and Culture’ (AQA).

There is one foundation, one foundation/higher and one higher question for each topic within the theme:

  • Me, my family and friends
  • Technology in everyday life
  • Free-time activities – sports
  • Free-time activities – food and drink
  • Free-time activities – Film/TV/Music
  • Festivals and customs

UPDATE: I have now added the sound files as a download when you purchase this resources, as there have been some issues with the Dropbox link. However, the Dropbox folder still exists, to enable access for anyone who has purchased this resource previously.

Sound files are in a Dropbox folder, with a hyperlink to the folder on page 2 of the resource. Click on the word ‘Dropbox’, and it should take you there! If you cannot open the hyperlink, email for help.


Ideal for revision and in-class work for Key Stage 4 or as a stretch and challenge activity for Key Stage 3 students.

The tasks can also be set as homework, as the sound files are accessible from anywhere and answers are provided.

Click here for a free sample of this resource.

The resource is for AQA, but the majority of the questions are also suitable for other exam boards.