French GCSE Full Lesson – Le boulot de mes rêves


Based on AQA GCSE (first exams 2018) Theme 3 – Current and future study and employment, this full lesson (or possible series of lessons) covers the sub-theme of ‘jobs, career choices and ambitions’. The lesson focuses on dream jobs using the conditional, and is based around texts from some of my French KS3 and GCSE resources and is ideal for both foundation and higher GCSE students either to introduce the language needed for this topic, or as a revision lesson in Year 11. The content could also be suitable for a good Key Stage 3 class, particularly Year 9 students who will be doing higher GCSE with target grades of 6-9.

It would follow on perfectly from this lesson on the world of work.

The download includes:

  • PowerPoint of the whole lesson – includes tangled translation, grammar explanation of the conditional, games, translation into French, writing (a 90-word task) and speaking (a photocard-style activity)
  • PDF worksheets with vocabulary, grammar explanations and activities to be printed and handed out to students
  • Lesson plan explaining the PPT and different tasks and games

The PowerPoint is deliberately very plain, with white backgrounds and Calibri font throughout. It should therefore be compatible with all computers and easily adaptable for different settings and teacher preference for fonts, colours, etc.

While the lesson is broadly based on the AQA specification (first exams 2018), it can be used with other exam boards with very little adaptation needed.