French Full Lesson – Useful expressions with avoir


This is a full lesson on useful idiomatic expressions that use ‘avoir’ (where we would use ‘to be’ in English). I have not included timings for any of the tasks as it depends on your class, time available and the level/prior knowledge of the students.

The lesson is ideal for beginners but would also be great as a revision lesson before GCSEs to remind students of some fantastic expressions that they can include in their writing and speaking exams. Some of the expressions feature in the prescribed vocabulary list and grammar expectations for the new GCSE (first exams 2026), so it is essential to expose students to these phrases and ensure they fully understand them and can use them.

The download includes:

  • PowerPoint of the whole lesson – includes vocabulary matching, translation, reading and writing tasks
  • Lesson plan with suggestions for games and extension tasks.

The PowerPoint is deliberately plain, with white backgrounds and Calibri font throughout. It should therefore be compatible with all computers and easily adaptable for different settings and teacher preference for fonts, colours, etc.