French Beginners Full Lesson – Jouer and faire with sports


This lesson is ideal for French beginners who are on the topic of ‘free time’ activities. It covers the verbs ‘jouer’ and ‘faire’ with sports and contains a number of different tasks to practise and use these verbs in relation to sporting activities.

The download includes:

  • PowerPoint of the whole lesson – includes grammar explanations, translation, listening, speaking task, and a connect 4 game (with more ideas for games in the lesson plan).
  • PDF worksheets with vocabulary and grammar explanations to be printed and handed out to students
  • Lesson plan with suggestions for scaffolding and extension tasks.

The PowerPoint is deliberately very plain, with white backgrounds and Calibri font throughout. It should therefore be compatible with all computers and easily adaptable for different settings and teacher preference for fonts, colours, etc.