FREE French A Level Full Lesson – Listening – Online Shopping


This lesson is now available here!

This lesson is ideal for French AS and A Level classes, either as part of the topic of ‘La Cybersociété’ or as revision before the final exams. The lesson uses a listening task from the AQA A Level paper June 2020 about online shopping. As well as listening to the task and completing comprehension questions, students can also transcribe the text, translate it into English and there are speaking questions at the end of the lesson to check understanding and develop their ideas on the topic.

The download includes:

  • PowerPoint of the whole lesson with answers and link to the sound file (from the AQA website)

The lesson is available for free, because it contains a listening task from an A Level past paper (which is freely available on the AQA website) and is therefore not all my own copyrighted work.

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