Edexcel French GCSE (2026) – Listening – Higher Dictations


This workbook is the Higher tier version of the foundation dictations workbook that can be found here.

The workbook, which includes transcripts and answers, contains Higher exam-style dictations for the new Edexcel French GCSE (first teaching 2024, first exams 2026).

There are 20 topics, mirroring the Edexcel specification’s themes and sub-topics. For each topic there are 2 gap-fill sentences and 4 full sentences, as per the new Edexcel French GCSE exam. Separate sound files are provided for each sentence (120 in total!) and there are transcripts and accepted answers for each sentence. I have checked the vocabulary meticulously against the Edexcel prescribed vocabulary list, with 3 words per topic (1 in sentence 1 and 2 in sentence 2) that are not on the prescribed list, again as per the new specification guidelines.