Buy Everything! Spread cost over 5 months

£60.00 for each 1 month with 5 installments

NB If you are purchasing this on behalf of someone else (i.e. if you are a member of the finance team purchasing it for an MFL colleague), please leave a note on the order with the name and email address of the person who will be using the resources.

Buy all of my teaching resources, lessons, pre-recorded CPD and extra, exclusive resources in one go!

For just £300*, spread over 5 monthly payments of £60, you will have unlimited access to everything that is published on this website, now and in the future! Every time I publish a new resource, it is added to the Buy Everything page and you are able to download it for no extra cost. PLUS you are automatically invited to all of my live CPD workshops (which is worth £132 in 2023-24 alone) and I will upload the recording and resources from each CPD workshop to the Buy Everything downloads page afterwards for you to access whenever you need it. You will also become part of the Buy Everything community and be invited to a Zoom chat once per half term, to connect with teachers from all over the country (world?!).

When you ‘Buy Everything’, you will be able to download a PDF with the link and password to access all of the resources. You will then receive regular email updates about which resources have been added and new passwords, as they are changed every couple of months. Therefore, it is vital that you include your email address with the order!

*At the time of writing, there are well over £350 worth of resources on my website, with more being added weekly, plus access to all of my live CPD workshops, worth £132 in 2023-24 alone.


Terms and conditions

Spreading the cost over 5 months allows instant access to the Buy Everything page. Failure to pay all 5 instalments will result in loss of access to the page and removal from the CPD workshops lists.

Total cost of the 5 payments is £300.

Buy Everything is for one MFL department only. Do not share the link and password with people from other schools (even within the same Trust) or with anyone outside of your department.

I change the password every 3 months to ensure the page remains as secure as possible.

Access to live CPD workshops is for the named email account on the Buy Everything order (or a specified account in the MFL department if the order is placed by a member of the finance team) only. If anyone else from the department wishes to join a CPD workshop, you will need to pay separately. Contact me for a discount for multiple colleagues from the same school.