Prioritising workload – even when you’re lacking motivation!

I filmed this earlier on a little walk when I was trying to wake myself up and get some motivation. Just to prove I’m not some ridiculously sunny, annoyingly positive person all the time! I have to work on it every day, just like most people, especially when it’s cold and dark outside all the time!

Defining my 3 priorities in my Positivity Planner each day means that even when I don’t feel like doing loads of work, I can make sure I’ve got my lessons planned, done some vital admin or spent a bit of time on resources, marketing or answering customers’ emails. And then I can feel pleased that I achieved something even on a day when I felt like doing nothing!

I think the main difference between myself today and the person I was a couple of years ago is that I don’t beat myself up any more if I have a day or even a week of low motivation and productivity. I accept that it’ll pass, I recognise it’s probably due to the weather/lack of sleep/generally feeling a bit low at times for no reason, do stuff to look after myself and then just get on with my life! No judgement, no getting annoyed with myself, just acceptance that sometimes we feel a bit rubbish and that’s just life!