Positivity Toolkit – 3 Brilliant Things

Why ‘3 brilliant things’?

I don’t know about you, but often at the end of a long week, when I’m exhausted and counting down the minutes until the weekend, I find it can be all too easy to focus on the negatives. Therefore, every Friday, I make an effort to reflect on the brilliant things that have happened during the week, and fill in the relevant box in my Positivity Planner.

Studies have shown that positive thinking can help to reduce stress and improve mental (and even physical) wellbeing. I know that I definitely feel better when I recall my 3 brilliant things each week! It must be pointed out that this activity is not about ignoring the bad things that happen, but giving us the tools and mental strength to deal with them when they do:

“So it increases positive feelings, hope, optimism and vitality. Most of all, writing about good things in our life can help us to have a better perspective on life. This exercise is not about ignoring or avoiding our problems, but rather giving us more balanced perspective on life. On days when we feel down and feel like nothing is going right, we are reminded that things are not as bad as we might think. Even in the worst days, there are good things in our life if we pay attention to those.” (Science of Happiness Podcast)


A simple activity

This activity only takes a few minutes and is explained clearly in this episode of the Science of Happiness podcast:

“You write the title of one of the good things and then you write about that good thing and you talk about why it was a good thing, how it made you feel then, how it makes you feel now at the end of the night, and you just elaborate on it. And then once you’re done with that one, you go to the second one and then the third one.”

It’s a great tutor time activity, or something that anyone can do at any time!

  • Click here to download the worksheet.