What is the Positivity Planner?

The Positivity Planner is the ideal way to organise your life and focus on your wellbeing at the same time. As well as daily pages to write lessons plans (in the teacher planners) or to schedule appointments and meetings each day (in the daily planner), each week there is a ‘week overview’ page, which contains space to write your main tasks, meetings and appointments for each day plus:

  • My 3 priorities this week
  • 3 things I’ll do for me
  • 3 things I’m grateful for
  • 3 brilliant things that happened

These tried-and-tested wellbeing techniques are so simple yet effective, and the Positivity Planner makes it really easy to incorporate them into your everyday life.

Why did I create the Positivity Planner?

After many years in the classroom, I sadly became very stressed and ended up leaving my job due to health issues. On my road to recovery, I read up on a number of different ways of reducing stress and anxiety, the most beneficial of which I have incorporated into these planners: gratitude, self care, prioritising workload and focusing on the positive things in life.

I initially created the Positivity Planner for myself, as I had tried keeping a gratitude journal in a pretty notebook, but kept forgetting to fill it in. I had also tried remembering to look after myself by eating well and going to the gym, but kept forgetting what I wanted to do and when. I had tried prioritising my workload with ‘to-do’ lists, but kept forgetting where I’d put the list, or it was so long that it overwhelmed me and I didn’t know where to start!

I found that even though there are so many journals, planners and diaries on the market, there was nothing that included priorities, self care and gratitude as a part of your daily planning. So I created one for myself on my computer and started printing it out every week! When I mentioned this to others, they were intrigued and asked me to send them copies, or whether it was a ‘real’ planner. So, now it is ‘real’ and available for anyone who wants to schedule their time, prioritise their workload and remember to note down the really important things in life such as gratitude, self care and 3 brilliant things that have happened every week!

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