Katelanguages resources in use

katelanguages French Key Stage 3 booklet

I get so much lovely feedback from teachers about how they’re using my resources with their classes, so I thought I’d share with you some ideas and photos of how one fabulous teacher is using the French Key Stage 3 resources with her Year 7s.

katelanguages French resources

She has printed off the pages that relate to the vocabulary that her class is learning and the students have stuck the sheets into their exercise books. I think this is a great way of working through the booklets, as it breaks the work down into manageable chunks for the children.

Before giving out the worksheets, the teacher explained each section, describing what they needed to do, but after that, she let them get on with the work independently.

Although they are brand-new learners of French, the students managed the tasks brilliantly (as you can see from the number of correct answers!) and responded really well to them, according to the teacher.

She was delighted that they were so happy working on GCSE-style questions, and is hoping that in five years’ time, they’ll be real experts on the types of questions they need to complete in their GCSE exams!

Here are some more examples of the students’ great work using the katelanguages booklets.

          katelanguages resources in use