Getting to know you – “Find someone who…”

A great ‘ice-breaker’ activity to do in the first lesson with a new group is ‘find someone who…’ as it gets students talking to each other and gives them a focused purpose rather than just doing an open-ended ‘tell us a bit about yourself’ in a room full of people they don’t know very well.

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Retrieval Practice Placemat

After reading the excellent ‘Retrieval Practice’ by Kate Jones (great name, btw!), I’ve created this placemat which could act as a generic prompt for learners of foreign languages to use in any given lesson. It should be suitable for any year group at any time of year. I think there are 3 possible ways of using the mat:

  1. Print it off, laminate it and put it on desks for pupils to look at in pairs.
  2. Print off a copy for each pupil, stick it in the front of their books and choose one bubble per week/lesson to respond to.
  3. Display the slide on the board and do as a whole class activity.

Here is the PowerPoint: Retrieval practice placemat

And a PDF in a nice font: Retrieval practice placemat

As always, let me know what you think on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and tell me how you’d use this in class!

GCSE Listening resources – a sneak peek!

I am so excited to be able to give you a sneak peek of my French, Spanish and German GCSE Listening resources!

These have been a long time in the making and I have to say a massive thank you to the very kind native speakers whose voices you hear on these recordings! I was overwhelmed with offers of help from people and you can now purchase the full booklets on the theme of ‘Identity and Culture’ here.

For now, here are three questions on the topic of ‘Me, my family and friends’ – one foundation, one foundation/higher and one higher. Enjoy!

The French sound files are available in this Dropbox folder, the German ones are here and the Spanish ones are here.

As always, please email me or get in touch on Facebook or Twitter to give me feedback and let me know how you’re using these resources!

Spanish Christmas freebie – corrected

As I pride myself on having top-quality resources, and it was pointed out to me that there were a few mistakes on the Spanish Christmas freebie, I have now added a corrected version to the files available for download here.

However, if you’ve already ordered the files, you won’t automatically have access to the new corrected version. So, if you have already gone through the process of putting your details into PayPal, etc and downloaded the files and don’t feel like doing it all over again but would really like a (hopefully this time) perfect version, fear not! Here is the corrected file, available for quick and easy download:

Guess Who sports

Practising sports vocab with Guess Who?

On the Facebook group ‘Global Innovative Language Teachers’, someone recently posted a link to this brilliant set of ‘extra’ Guess Who characters. In fact, it’s so brilliant that I’m using it with the primary school-aged children I teach this week and I thought I’d write a quick blog post about how I’m using the game to practise sports vocab and physical descriptions.

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katelanguages memrise

Practise Key Stage 3 vocabulary on!

I have created 3 new courses on memrise to accompany my Key Stage 3 vocabulary and grammar booklets. They currently include the topics of ‘me, my family and friends’, ‘technology and free time’, and ‘where I live’. I’ll keep adding to them as I write and publish more Key Stage 3 booklets.

The French course is available here, the German one is here and the Spanish one is here.

I have also put a number of GCSE and A Level (French) courses on memrise – just look through my profile to find the best ones for your language and level!

Click here for free samples of the vocabulary and grammar books:

Happy vocab learning!

katelanguages French Key Stage 3 booklet

Katelanguages resources in use

I get so much lovely feedback from teachers about how they’re using my resources with their classes, so I thought I’d share with you some ideas and photos of how one fabulous teacher is using the French Key Stage 3 resources with her Year 7s.

katelanguages French resources

She has printed off the pages that relate to the vocabulary that her class is learning and the students have stuck the sheets into their exercise books. I think this is a great way of working through the booklets, as it breaks the work down into manageable chunks for the children.

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