Language learning for introverts – join an online course

Sometimes, joining a language class or having 1-2-1 tuition can be really scary… especially if you’re an introvert or suffer from social anxiety. The thought of turning up to a room full of people, being made to say things in a foreign language in front of others, worrying that you’ll get it wrong and people will laugh… we’ve all been there and even contemplating it can make your hands clammy and your heart race!

But what if you would really love to learn another language in spite of finding it terrifying? What if you just need to gather a bit of confidence from the comfort of your own home before venturing out there to speak to people in real life? Continue reading “Language learning for introverts – join an online course”

using language games

Playing games is a great way to learn languages!

Whether you are playing traditional word games, such as I-Spy or 20 Questions, or purpose-made board games and card games, playing while you learn is a great way of staying motivated!

Particular favourites of mine are the shopping list game from Orchard Toys, which is even available in French (along with a number of other great games) – Orchard Toys French games Continue reading “Playing games is a great way to learn languages!”

Learn vocabulary with

Our favourite website to use for vocab learning is

It’s free to join, and there is something for every level.

We have lots of courses on memrise, especially if you are studying for your GCSEs, so check them out and have fun while learning some new words!

You’re never too old to learn a language

Many people think that you can’t learn a new language once you’re an adult… but research shows this simply isn’t the case!

Furthermore, being able to speak another language can actually keep your brain more active and help to prevent Alzheimer’s and dementia.