Many thanks for sending these booklets through. I am looking forward to using them.
Many thanks for all the hard work you have put into these resources!

Via email, after purchasing the French Writing Workbook on


Muy buen recurso, me ahorrará mucho trabajo.

Spanish GCSE writing workbook

Mpardoa (on TES resources)

Extremely helpful for the new GCSE course. I’ve cut up and used as a starter with my year 10s. Slowly they are getting the hang of what will be expected of them in their GCSE exam. Thank you so much. A* resource.

German GCSE writing workbook

Emmakingston (on TES resources)

Kate’s lessons are engaging, well-planned and informative. Her friendly and relaxed approach means that you feel happy to take risks and give it a go. I’d certainly recommend Kate as a teacher.


It has been great improving my English with Kate Jones, she has always done her best to make the lessons interesting as well as funny. We had all a lot of fun learning this beautiful language and she also used to encourage us to have quite a lot of conversation, which I really enjoyed! I think I’ll miss her lessons, it has been magnificent being her pupil!


Loving Kate’s French conversation classes! She brings just the right amount of subject matter to the table to encourage us to babble away – only correcting us or giving us a word in French if we ask for it. So good for confidence building! Just like children, we are learning to make ourselves understood with what we know and I’m building my vocabulary and understanding every week.


If you’re looking for somebody who is utterly dedicated and passionate about language, you won’t beat Kate! She is tireless in her endeavours to help others and always gives 110%. Kate has many years of teaching experience with fantastic results, and is just the right balance of approachable and professional. Hire her!!


I have commissioned Kate on behalf of Immediate Media on a number of occasions. She translated texts from German to English and English to German for use in contract publishing for clients including Dreamworks and LEGO. Kate turned around accurate translations of some unusual and specific copy, easily meeting our tight deadlines. I thoroughly recommend her translation service and found working with her to be a pleasure.


I received personal German lessons from Kate and throughly enjoyed them. Each lesson was really well planed and tailored to exactly what I needed and wanted to learn. I was not only able to expand my knowledge and vocabulary but to gain confidence in speaking. As an adult learner I was quite hesitant to start with and worried about making mistakes. Kate instantly put me at ease and I was able to progress at a pace I was happy with. I would absolutely recommended her to anyone of any age interested in learning a language.